Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench Review

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The Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench is our second choice in our list and another really popular product with buyers on It is very affordable, comes in a neutral taupe color and will make a really handy addition to any garden.

It is made from a resin material which means it will stand up to the weather and won’t rot, like some wooden benches can. But although it is resin, it still looks very decorative and won’t stand out at all. It will hold a total of 50 gallons underneath the bench seat, which is plenty of room for the small items you like to keep safe and out of the elements, whilst also gaining extra seating spaces in your garden.

As it is not made from wood, it makes the assembly a breeze and can be fully assembled in just 5 minutes from unpacking it. You don’t even need any tools to do it, so literally anyone will be able to put it together following the instructions provided.

The resin material has been specially constructed to last for a long time and it also has a unique stay dry design to make sure that the contents of the bench stay dry even during heavy weather conditions.

The Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench can be bought quickly and easily from the website. Lots of people have done that and left reviews about what they think about it. Here is what we have gained from these reviews.

Customer Feedback

– People confirm just how easy the bench is to put together. All the pieces just snap together and it’s fully built in just a few minutes.

– It does a great job of protecting the storage area. Reports of it being buried by snow for days and still keeping everything inside nice and dry.

– The top of the bench can be removed to make it easier to clean when need be.

– It’s construction is very solid and even though it is plastic it still feels strong when sat on it.

– People use it on their front porch and say it is handy for when packages are delivered and they aren’t at home to get them. The bench keeps them nice and dry until they get home.


The Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench is another bench that provides a great deal of quality for a very modest price tag. It provides you with much needed seating but also gives you plenty of storage space to keep your essential outdoor items. It does a great job of keeping the elements out and keep everything nice and dry.

See it on for the latest price and read all the customer reviews yourself and you’ll see how much of a great buy it really is.