Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat Review

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If you don’t require or have the room for a full size bench, then maybe this Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat would be ideal for you.

It is a single patio seat that has a lift up lid which gives access to a handy storage area. The seat itself looks very decorative and will make a great addition to any garden. It weighs just 21.8 pounds, so is light enough to be moved around easily and is made from a high quality resin meaning it is easy to clean and won’t rot or rust away on your patio.

You don’t need any tools to put the chair together, all the parts just snap in place and it can be fully assembled in no time at all. The unique stay dry design will keep rain out of the storage area, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your items will remain dry even in heavy rain.

The Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat is quite a popular product on the website and lots of buyers of it have even left reviews about what they think. This is what is being said:

Customer Feedback

– The chair makes a great addition to small porches and people use it to store shoes and other items that they don’t want to take into the house.

– As with other benches in our reviews, people use this to store deliveries in until they come home to get them.

– The size of it has several reports of being perfect. The storage area provides a lot of room, whilst the chair is ideal for small porches and patio areas.

– People buy more than one of these, as they are very comfortable to sit on and they make good use of the extra storage.

– 2 children can easily fit into it with ease.

– Many reports of it being really easy to put together, just click all the pieces in place and no need for any tools at all.


The Suncast PB2600 Patio Storage Seat is a really functional product and people use it to store all sorts of different things from flip flops through to cat litter. It is a very comfortable chair to sit in and the storage is kept nice and dry.

So if you don’t want a full size bench seat but would like a bit of extra outdoor storage space, then this product would be the perfect choice for you.

It’s on, so take a look and you’ll see how affordable it is and could even be sitting on it in just a few days from now.